Coupon Affiliation Program

This program is made for people that want to earn money by promoting our products. After subcribing as a coupon affiliate, you’ll have a personal link that you can share to people on the social medias.

When someone clicks on this link and buy something, you earn automatically a percentage on the sale depending on the plan you choose.

1- When you give 25% Discount, you earn 10% on the sale

2- When you give 15% Discount, you earn 10% on the sale + 10% Bonus from Arvilous Store

3- When you give 10% Discount, you earn 10% on the sale + 15% Bonus from Arvilous Store

Note: you can purchase with the money you earn, transfer it to other people in-site or withdraw it anytime by haitian Bank Accounts, NatCash or MonCash.

So, let’s go! We can make it together, join us and gain !


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Coupon Affiiation Form