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This is VSHOW PTE. LTD.. the company’s products Trace and subsequent versions (“Trace”, “we” or “our”) are incorporated into and bound by our terms of use.In this privacy policy, we refer to our products and services as “services.”.Please read on to learn more about our data processing practices.Your use of the service means that you agree to the terms of this privacy policy.If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy, please do not use the service.

Information we collected:

When you install the service on your device and register with Trace, when you register with us, your personal identity information may be collected during the download process of the service (based on the requirements during the download process).To register with Trace, you need to provide your mobile number, city location, gender and name, depending on the device used for the service.You can also provide personally identifiable information, but this is optional.When you log in with a third party account, we may collect other information you provide us below (see “your user profile”).

In addition, when you install services on your device and register with Trace, you may be asked to allow us to access your address book.If you agree, we will have the right to access the contact information (name, phone number, e-mail and third party ID) address book in the address book on the device used for the service, but there are no comments or other personal information in your notes), and then we will store it on our server and use it to help you use the service, for example, byThe service synchronizes Trace contacts between different devices used together.If you do not want Trace to store this information, you can choose to exit the account settings in the Trace application at any time.However, we may not be able to provide some functions that require this information.

Trace may also collect and collect non personally identifiable information, such as certain personal information, including country of residence and preferences.In addition, Trace may collect and store information about how you and others use the service and our website and interact with it, including matching, the number of member matching, matching duration, SMS, by region, device usage and connection information, IP address, device function, bandwidth, page browsing statistics, network type and the number of trips to and from our websiteFlow.

Trace allows you to share text messages, photos, screenshots, videos and other communications in Trace applications with other users.If you choose to do so, your SMS, photos, screenshots, videos and other communications will be stored on our server.In addition, if you choose to share these items with other Trace users, we may not be able to remove them from our servers or make them unavailable to anyone who shares them with you.You can decide to send and share text messages, photos, screenshots, videos or other communications in the Trace application.By choosing to share this information, you should understand that you may no longer be able to control how the information is used, and that the information may become publicly available (depending in part on your behavior or the behavior of other people who share the information with you).Trace is not responsible for any use or abuse of your shared information.

Trace may also collect and collect user content (such as photos, screenshots, comments, and other materials) that you create on the service.Your photos can be taken by other users on Trace.If they use the capture function provided by Trace, these photos can be stored and used for Trace and third-party services (such as Facebook, etc.).You can change the third-party sharing options on the {{ Trace }} settings.If you do not agree to all the terms of this privacy policy, please do not use the service. If the service crashes or hangs up, we will also collect error report information so that we can investigate the errors and improve the stability of the service for future releases.Typically, these reports do not contain personally identifiable information or only incidental information.As part of these error reports, we will receive information about the type and version of your device, device identifier, when the error occurred, features used, and the status of the application where the error occurred.We will not use this information for any purpose other than investigating and correcting errors.Unless otherwise specified in this policy, we will not rent or sell your information to a third party without your consent.(or Trace’s company group)

Who share your information with us:

A group of data (“Trace”) that users may share with us, but not limited to the company’s location and data.Members can use this information to help provide, understand and improve services (including by providing analysis) and their own services (including by providing you with a better and more relevant experience).But these members will respect your choice of who can see your content.

● we may also share your information and information from tools such as cookies, log files, device identifiers and location data with third-party organizations (“service providers”) that help us provide services to you.Under reasonable confidentiality terms, our service provider will be granted access to your information, which is necessary to provide the service.

● we may also share aggregate or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers and investors.For example, we can tell advertisers how many users our application has received.This information does not contain any personal or personally identifiable information and is used to develop content and services that you are interested in.

● we may delete some data that can identify you and share anonymous data with other parties.We may also merge your information with other information in a way that is no longer associated with you, and share this summary information. You can choose which parties share user content:

● any information or content that you voluntarily disclose to publish to the service, such as user content, will be open to the public.With this function, Trace exposure can be prevented.After sharing user content or making it public, other users can share user content again.

● if the information and content created on the service (such as screen shots, etc.) are deleted, the copy may still be visible in the cache and archive pages of the service, or other users or third parties have copied or saved the information.(for example, Facebook, etc.)

How we use the information collected:

We only use or may disclose your personal information by:

● verifying your identity;

● establishing contact with you after the service is enabled;

● allowing you to use certain service functions provided from time to time;

● displaying the name of the person you communicate with and displaying your name to the person you communicate with in the service;

● send you any administrative notifications, alerts and communications related to your use of the service;

● provide you with the relevant content you need by using the information you allow us to collect here or the information you provide to the social media providers associated with your Trace account (for example, information about the respective locations of you and your Trace contacts);

● operations for internal use, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, service improvement, error detection and prevention, fraud or other illegal activities;

● when we sincerely believe that the law, any legal process, law enforcement, national security or public importance will be disclosed;

● protect and defend our rights or property (including the enforcement of our terms of use and their agreements); or deal with companies involved in Trace, such as the purchase or sale of business units, asset acquisition, merger, sale or other similar events.

Your user profile:

The information you enter into your user profile (your “profile”) may be shared with your Trace contacts.You can control the configuration file and access and modify it at any time from the Trace application.In addition, if you use your Facebook account (such as Facebook connect) to register in Trace, we may store your Facebook ID and corresponding token on our server.If you agree, we will be able to access and collect some of the information you provide on Facebook (for example, your first and last name, email address, profile picture, your friends list and birthday).Your personal data can be used by other service users connected to you on Trace.In addition, unless you choose to log out (you can do this at any time in the Trace application), other Trace users can discover your personal data, such as in the contact list, such as your distance from other users.You can also “block” any Trace user in your contact list at any time to avoid discovering their personal information.In addition, if you or your friends have signed in to the service using Facebook, Trace may pre fill your profile with certain information, such as your name and Facebook profile image.

Data access and deletion:

You can always control the information you choose to share with us on the service.To do this, you can change the settings in the service or mobile device.Alternatively, you can completely remove the service from your mobile device.You can delete data at any time.If you ask us to delete your account, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete your data from our servers.(1) Text messages, photos, videos or other forms of personal identity information that you share with other users in the Trace application or through the Trace application, or (II) blogs, bulletin boards or chat rooms on our website or elsewhere, and any personal identity information submitted at the following locations, the room can be viewed and used by others, including sending you unsolicited messagesInformation or identity theft.Trace is not responsible for any use or misuse of information due to your disclosure.

Service provider:

In some cases, VSHOW PTE. LTD.。Trace may contract with a third party to provide products and / or services related to the service.In this case,Trace may share your personal information with Trace’s third-party service providers, but only in connection with providing services to you.For example, Trace shares your phone number or email with third-party SMS and email providers to provide you with an authenticated SMS or email when you register with Trace.We require these third parties to use your information only when they send you sms or e-mail in accordance with the contract, and use appropriate security measures to protect your information.In addition, some Trace servers are owned and hosted by third-party service providers.This privacy policy does not apply to the practices of third party service providers.

Outbound link:

If you visit a website, product or service provided by a third party (including through a service or Trace website), that third party may also collect information about you. Please refer to the privacy policy of each such third party for more information on how they use the information they collect. This privacy policy does not apply to any information exchange between you and any third party.


Protecting user privacy and personal information is the top priority of VSHOW PTE. LTD.. And Trace. We will try our best to ensure the privacy of all personal identity information you provide us. All VSHOW PTE. LTD.. Trace employees, contractors, agents and third party service providers must access this personal information in order to know all the information in order to provide, operate, develop, maintain, support or improve services. Trace uses password protection, access logs and system monitoring to protect the confidentiality and security of all member information. In addition, due to the inherent nature of the Internet and related technologies, we cannot guarantee to protect information from loss, abuse or change within our control. Your information may be stored and processed in any country where Trace PTE LTD. is located. In this regard, or for the purpose of sharing or disclosing the data described in this privacy policy, VSHOW PTE. LTD.. Trace reserves the right to transfer information outside your country. By using the service, you agree to transfer any such information outside your country.


This service is not applicable to children under the age of 18. As part of the service, we do not intentionally collect the personal identity information of children under the age of 18. If we know that we have inadvertently received personally identifiable information from users under the age of 18 as part of the service, we will remove that information from our records. If we change our approach in the future, we will obtain the prior verifiable consent of the parents of the service as part of the service before obtaining any personally identifiable information of children under the age of 18.

Account information:

In order to keep the user active, if you have not logged in to Trace for three consecutive months, the user’s gold coin and point account will be cleared.

Change notice:

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at our own discretion. You can check our privacy policy updates at any time through the links on our website. You agree to accept electronic communication and / or in VSHOW PTE. LTD. Publish the revised privacy policy and Trace website on, and you agree that such electronic communication or publication constitutes a notice of your privacy policy. We reserve the right to modify this policy from time to time, so please review it regularly. If we make significant changes to this policy, we will inform you by publishing a revised privacy policy on the website or by notice or legal requirement.You agree to review the privacy policy regularly to make you aware of any changes.By agreeing to continue to use the service after we publish the revised privacy policy or make an announcement on our website, you accept the revised privacy policy.If you do not agree to the terms of the privacy policy, you should not use the service.

Contact information:

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please go to workcompany27@gmail.com to contact us. Any personally identifiable information related to this privacy policy is only used for inquiry and response in accordance with our privacy policyThis is VSHOW PTE. LTD.. the company’s products Trace and subsequent versions (“Trace”, “we” or “our”) are incorporated into and bound by our terms of use.In this privacy policy, we refer to our products and services as “services.”.Please read on to learn more about our data processing practices.Your use of the service means that you agree to the terms of this privacy policy.If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy, please do not use the service.